AccuGenomics develops “STANDARDIZED” molecular gene expression tests that provide genomic data to diagnose and monitor cancer treatment for the patient.  In AccuGenomics’ proprietary molecular diagnostics tests the proprietary mixtures of internal standards provide quantitative, standardized, numerical measurements that enable gene expression based molecular diagnostics tests to be standardized and used for therapeutic intervention, monitoring and diagnosis of disease.

AccuGenomics plans to commercialize and launch its exciting pipeline of standardized genomic tests in today’s high-growth diagnostics market. AccuGenomics continues to work with the FDA utilizing its strong intellectual property – Mixture of Internal Standards – along with its expertise in standardization and quality control of molecular diagnostic test results to gain regulatory approval.

Currently, AccuGenomics is pursuing FDA approval for its Standardized BCR-ABL reagents. Patients currently are being recruited for a clinical trial of the lung cancer risk test.