Lung Cancer Risk Test (LCRT-AGX) 14 Gene Test

Clinical Utility: To identify patients at highest risk for developing lung cancer so they can be closely monitored to detect lung cancer in its early stages when its most treatable
Intended For: Patients at highest risk for developing lung cancer
Prescribed By: Pulmonologists
Performed In: Multiple CLIA laboratories
Current status: recruiting patients for clinical trial.

Lung cancer remains the most common cause of cancer death in the United States (160,000 deaths each year). A recent NIH sponsored study determined that yearly chest CT scan reduces mortality from lung cancer by more than 20%. However, the cost of annually screening all 7 million individuals at risk for lung cancer due to age and smoking history would be more than $5 billion/year. The Lung Cancer Risk Test promises to identify the individuals genetically pre-disposed to lung cancer so that they can be prioritized for screening. This will markedly reduced cost of CT screening.