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AccuGenomics provides gene expression tests that accurately diagnose, monitor and inform cancer treatment. AccuGenomics' technologies generate the most comprehensive test results which ensure confidence in clinical decisions and provide credible and reliable gene expression data to the medical community.

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Release of lung cancer risk test trial details and establishment of biospecimen repository.

A January 22, 2016 BioMed Central Pulmonary Medicine article details the trial design and establishment of a biospecimen repository necessary for the clinical validation of the AccuGenomics’ Lung Cancer Risk Test (LCRT).  The LCRT is a 15-gene molecular test that could reduce overall lung cancer screening by demonstrating a person’s genetic propensity towards lung cancer,…

AccuGenomics partners with Green Hills Ventures

AccuGenomics releases video describing their partnership with Green Hills Ventures to raise series A capital to accelerate the clinical validation of their proprietary AccuKit BCR-ABL and Lung Cancer Diagnostic test.  

Progress in Efforts to Develop AccuKit for Monitoring of BCR-ABL Treatment

AccuGenomics develops standardized molecular testing kits that support the personalized medicine market.  On March 17, 2015, the company was awarded a United States patent 8,981,068, which has critical claims for their standardized molecular testing platform.  “We are very excited about the issuance of this patent”, says Tom Morrison, Chief Science Officer of AccuGenomics.  “The patent’s…

STARSEQ Demonstrates Measurement of Undetected Errors that Arise in Next Generation Sequencing.

Dr. James Willey has published proof-of-principle experiments demonstrating the measurement sample variation and sequencing error for every Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) sample.  The June 1st, 2015 Biomolecular Detection and Quantification article describes how the STARSEQ method, mixtures of internal standards spiked into DNA samples, allow estimation of starting template abundance and method induced mutations effecting…